Childcare/Daycare Centers and schools

Providing a secure, password protected, video-monitoring system couldn't be easier! With our EzCamLive! system, we install all cameras and monitoring equipment within a matter of hours. All setup time is performed during the evening or weekend hours, so there is no down time of daycare activities. Understanding our control and monitoring system is a snap, so you'll be watching every corner of your center through our online program in no time.

EzCamLive! provides continuous technical support coverage should you have problems. Call or email us for any technical or maintenance issues with the equipment on site.

EzCamLive! will bring you opportunities for growing your center. Parents find comfort in checking in on their children during the day and will consider our EzCamLive! security services a major advantage in their enrollment decision. With the added ease of being able to monitor using mobile devices, parents will appreciate the ability to watch their children whether they are in their workplace or on the go.